Plans & Policy

The Land Use and Natural Resource Management Plan provides information about the goals and objectives of the Board of Supervisors. To view the plan, click the following link:

Long Range Plan_2021-2025


The district annually prepares a budget for the fiscal year. The Board of Supervisors prepared a proposed budget for July 2023-June 2024. The Public hearing was held July 12, 2023 at 5:00PM in the conference room at 625 E Madison Avenue, Suite 1, Riverton. The Board of Supervisors approved the Final Budget for 2023-2024. To view, click on the link below.  The district also prepares an Annual Report, Annual Plan and Accomplishment Summary.  Please click on the links below for the most recent plans.

Final Budget for July 2023-June 2024

2022-2023 Accomplishment Summary

2023-2024 Annual Plan

2022-2023 Annual Report




We provide educational programs to youth and adults. We have materials from many sources including Wyoming Ag in the Classroom. Most of these activities are hands-on and cover a variety of topics including...

Tree & Shrub Sales

This program encourages landowners to plant effective wind barriers, to protect buildings, cropland and feedlots as well as for erosion control, reforestation and other conservation practices. We encourage people to plan their windbreaks before planting. Technical assistance is…


The Lower Wind River Conservation District is one of 34 in Wyoming and three in Fremont County. The District was formed on June 16, 1969 when the Pavillion and Wind River Conservation Districts were merged. Our district encompasses…