Resource Conservation

The Resource Conservation program was established to  provide cost share opportunities for citizens in our district. There are three parts to the program–Resource Enhancement, Community Enhancement and Analysis Cost Share.





This program is built for citizens to understand their water quality and soil health. Well water testing is available three times per year-the third Wednesday of April, May, and October. Instructions and sampling supplies can be picked up at the Lower Wind River Conservation District office. Citizens can do their own soil testing year-round through a laboratory of their choice and can be reimbursed or through an account that the LWRCD has with Stukenholtz Laboratory Inc. in Twin Falls Idaho.  A maximum cost-share of $300.00 per calendar year (January – December ) will be allowed for one or a combination of tests.


Click on the images below for more information or visit the Water Page for more details about the Well Water Testing Program! 


For information to help interpret your well water test results, you can check out the Montana State University Website.

Or stop by our office for “Well-Educated” handouts.







Designed to provide incentive to implement practices that address soil erosion, water quality and quantity, energy conservation or wildlife habitat.  Project examples include irrigation water management, stream bank stabilization, windbreaks, solar stock water wells, spring development, fencing and fish habitat improvement.  50% cost-share up to $10,000 per project.  Applications due March 1st & September 1st.


Resource Enhancement



Multiple pipe projects have been completed since the beginning of the Resource Enhancement Cost Share Program. All of the projects have allowed for more sufficient and proper use of irrigation water. Projects have included gated pipe, transfer pipe, underground pipe, and head gate improvements.



Multiple fencing projects have been competed since the beginning of the Resource Enhancement Cost Share Program. The fencing projects we have been used to prevent overgrazing by feral horses and resulting soil erosion. Along with around riparian areas to prevent livestock from over grazing and destroying the riparian area.



Two Hoop House projects have been completed since the beginning of the Resource Enhancement Cost Share Program. Hoop houses are a great for those hoe love to garden since the growing season in Wyoming is shorter than what some plants need.



A few Solar Stock Well projects have been completed since the beginning of the Resource Enhancement Cost Share Program. One Project replaced two windmills with Solar Wells for rangeland livestock and wildlife water sources and to better distribute cattle in the allotment.




A couple of stream bank stabilization projects have been completed through the Resource Enhancement Cost Share Project. One landowner was losing their land due to water eroding the shoreline, so the district helped to fund gabion boxes to prevent the waves from sweeping away the shore. The district has helped fund road rebuilding due to water eroding the dirt causing the roadside to collapse.


Sims Annual award 2018 






Provides incentive for citizens and groups to address soil erosion, water quality and quantity, energy conservation, wildlife habitat and enhance natural landscapes along public corridors.  Project examples include educational events, rain collection, permeable pavements, demonstration projects for energy or water conservation, soil erosion prevention and xeriscaping.  50% cost-share up to $5,000 per project.


Community Enhancement.










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