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This program encourages landowners to plant effective wind barriers, to protect buildings, cropland and feedlots as well as for erosion control, reforestation and other conservation practices. We encourage people to plan their windbreaks before planting. Technical assistance is available, free of charge. We sell seedling trees and shrubs at nominal costs because these trees and shrubs are for conservation practices. We take orders from November through mid April each year.

The 2024 Tree order form is now available!  Please download the form and email to either email listed on the form, or bring it into the office.  Payment is due at the time of the order.  Details are listed on the full order form.  We have copies also available at our office and would be happy to assist you with your order

Please click on our ” Tree Buyer’s Guide” to view details about the trees and shrubs as part of our 2024 sale.  It’s a great reference for you to find which trees or shrubs are best suited for you and your land.

Tree Descriptions
Wind Break


Shoshoni Wind Break Project


The LWRCD approached the Shoshoni School District August 2020 about a “demonstration” tree planting. The idea was to demonstrate conservation tree planting, weed fabric installation, and drip irrigation. The school district has ample property to the North and West of the schools. This area can be utilized for tree plantings which can reduce erosion and assist with energy conservation from the   prevailing winds from that direction.

A small planting was initially planned and students and faculty were to be involved in the planting of the trees and shrubs. A hands on exercise was planned but had to be scrapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The planting did happen with the help of school grounds employees and volunteers.

The hope is to continue this effort in the future and gradually plant more trees and shrubs in coming years and get the kids involved in the planting and care.

In 2020 the project consisted of 3 rows 500 ft long just North of the football field. There is one row of lilac, one of Rocky Mountain Juniper, and one of caragana seedlings.

In 2021 the LWRCD donated Caragana, Common Lilac, and Rocky Mountain Junipers in order to continue and expand their windbreak.

As the designation of “demonstration” might suggest, this project is a learning experience for all involved. Hopefully all will learn species establish with ease or not. Time will tell.


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